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Introducing the new me, Dianne Mattsson
posted in di by Dianne Mattsson, on 15/7/18 20:49

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The new Dianne Mattsson


Food writer | editor | journalist | ghostwriter. Australian food storyteller. Open to travelling the world in search of the greatest food destinations.


Got a story you’re busting to tell? 

Talk to me, then I can tell your story, or edit and shape your own words into something that will not only engage an audience but achieve your promotional goals while holding a place in people’s hearts and minds.

Whether you need a professional journalist to write an editorial for a magazine, research and write for a business book, a blog, content marketing collateral, website copy, or an effective press release… I’m your bird (Foodbird that is). 

I, Dianne Mattsson, am known as a Foodbird and have written a number of books, including FarmgateSA, a food-destination guide for South Australian food travellers.

Storyteller, author, food writer. I am a journalist with 40 years’ experience in print and digital media at News Ltd, including 25 years as an editor. 

I have now spread my wings and am taking flight into the world of freelance writing and corporate copywriting.

While food producers, restaurants, chefs, and the places you will find them have been my focus, the wordsmithing life has made me QBE (qualified by experience) to write and provide content for various publications.

Wordsmithing is a craft, yes, but I also bring my experience in media and how we must present our stories to pull in, charm and hold an audience.

I have myriad life experiences, travel and published works. I have done regular radio work and public speaking. I’ve owned and operated my own small businesses, so I understand that trials and satisfactions go hand in hand with the struggle to get yourself out there and remembered.

What’s your story?

Struggling to put your thoughts into proper sentences, or just can’t stop waffling on?

Come on, hand it over. Make your life easier and leave it to a professional.

I'll revel in putting the love into writing, reworking, editing or simply spruiking your message. 

Deadlines are my best friends. I’m efficient and reliable.

Professional journalism; online storytelling, print, on radio and in podcasts; ghostwriting; social media, working with photographers; editing and copywriting.

I can’t wait to hear your story and help you tell it right.

Email me:


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