the food birds
the foodbirds

Dianne Mattsson and Chris Stephan are the Foodbirds, a journalist and a chef/food stylist. They are on a never-ending food journey, and known for many projects including their best-seller, FarmgateSA, a culinary destination guide for all food lovers in South Australia.

While South Australia has been a key focus for more than a decade, they also report on destinations visited across the country and overseas.

Dianne: After about 40 years in print media, with News Ltd, Dianne has spread her Foodbird wings to become a freelance writer in print, online and on radio, covering myriad subjects, specialising in food. She is called upon for web content writing, reviews and ghost writing.

Chris: Chef and food consultant Chris is best known for her up-to-the-minute food styling and recipe development for cookbooks, products and online sites, as well as for events and national chef connections through her Kitchen Stage Management pursuits.

Together they continue to wine, dine, and report, via Dianne's writings, and their Foodbirds Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
They particularly love to visit those unsung food heroes, the wonderful small food producers who welcome keen travellers on their farms and properties. It's a continuing education.

Let them know if you are keen for more information, or need writing, styling, and reporting services.

Phone 0408 808 465

Foodbirds Dianne Mattsson
and Chris Stephan

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