the food birds
the foodbirds

Chris Stephan and Dianne Mattsson are the Foodbirds, authors of FarmgateSA, a culinary destination guide for all food lovers in South Australia.

We travelled to all the nooks and crannies of South Australia in search of our wonderful small food producers who welcome keen travellers on their farms and properties. We talked to them, as you can, about their produce, how it grows and how to use it, and then bought it at the farmgate.

We're hoping to engage you with this website. Tell us about your farmgate and special produce, food experiences. Let us know about those we have missed, any new sites, any changes to the listings in our book.

Chris is a food consultant/food stylist and Dianne is a journalist/food writer, so not only are we in touch with the SA food scene, but we want to hear more from others beating a path in support of real food from small producers.

Email us to join our mailing list, for updates and news of events.

Foodbirds Dianne Mattsson,
and Chris Stephan

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